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Red tornado cranes started in UAE sales and rentals of Lifiting equipment ,With the help and support of our team having 20 years of experience aiming to become a prominnet name in Lifting equipment in the MENA region

At RTC, our mission is to assist our valued customers in constructing a better world by enabling sustainable progress and driving positive change within UAE.
with over 20 years of extensive industrial experience, RTC has successfully navigated a wide range of engineering and logistics challenges. Our team has developed an exceptional understanding of various stakeholders, Constraints and efficient ways of operating within the construction industry.

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RTC offers a variety of trading options for its goods to promote flexibility and improve client happiness. There are numerous financing alternatives available, as well as buy-back, lease-to-buy, crane exchange, and short- and long-term lease agreements.


RTC offers other perks in addition to our cranes and hoists to guarantee that you obtain a return on your investment. These services range from refurbishing to painting to stocking to, obviously, fixing cranes and hoists.


The talented and experienced engineers at RTC will make sure that all equipment is put together, taken apart, and handled in between in an efficient and effective manner. RTC adheres completely to national and local safety regulations.


RTC will train the client's personnel to operate our tower cranes completely independently upon request. Training programmes cover equipment mounting and dismounting, safety precautions, and in-depth instruction on tower cranes and hoists.

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